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4 Mapping of MySQL Error Numbers to SQLStates. MySQL Error Number, MySQL Error Name, Legacy ( X/ Open) SQLState, SQL Standard SQLState. 1055, ER_ WRONG_ FIELD_ WITH_ GROUP, S1009, 4. Regarding this error : Repeated column in mapping for entity: com. CorporateGroup column: id ( should be mapped with insert= " false" update = " false" ). The error message is obvious, you have mapped same. BugError code 0, SQL state S1009. can not be represented as java. Then in netbeans services panel > databases > mysql > select the db > right click on the table > show data. Error message : [ quote]. s1009 表示参数值无效, 如果框架使用一直没错的, 但测试时出现该错误, 则应该 查看数据库中数据库中数据是否正确。 本人因date& time数据错误而出现s1009错误 。. 连接MySQL数据库, 在操作值为0的timestamp类型时不能正确的处理, 而是 默认抛出一个异常: java. SQLException: Cannot convert value ' 0000-. SQL Error: 0, SQLState: 08S01 和Communications link failure. When trying to post a new object i get this error in console: Hibernate: null: 48: 23.

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    Sqlstate error mysql

    SqlExceptionHelper : SQL Error: 0, SQLState: S: 48: 23. 960 MySql ' ' is considered a valid date, but it can' t be repesented as java. You could use a query that returns NULL in case date is ' ', or the actual value otherwise: SELECT CASE WHEN ` date`! please try DATE) private Date birtdate;. see What is the use of the annotation in Hibernate? The problem was happening because of small value time_ out var on mysql server. In my situation time_ out was set to 1 minute. Using C3PO pooling mechanism we can optimize JDBC. Download c3p0 - > net/ projects/ c3p0/. sqlStatement = " INSERT INTO inquiry ( INQUIRY_ DATE, INQUIRY_ NOTE, INQUIRER_ ID, PROGRAM_ ID, CLASS_ ID, CORPORATE_ ID) \ n" + " VALUES (? The parameterized query doesn' t have enough?

    追記されたエラーは preparedStatement が受け取れるパラメータ数が 0 なのにsetInt( ) でparameter Index に 1 が指定されたということを表しています。 つまり指定したSQLに 何らかの誤りがある可能性が高いです。 MySQLは環境や設定次第でテーブル名の.