Runtime error 2501 the close action was cancelled

Can anybody explain why this would happen to only one. where execution processes are being performed. Do you have any code in the report? Error 2501 appears between 2- 76 loop repetitions in, rarely at the same point twice. compact and repairing, adding a 2 second delay after outputting the report and changing where I put the close report command. But when I click on Cancel, the app crashes and I get an errormessage: " Runtime Error 2501: The Action OpenReport has been canceled" ( translated from German ). Sub MyButton_ Click On Error Goto myError DoCmd. This is a common error but you can catch it like any other error and ignore it if is 2501. Close acForm, " F_ BerichtDrucken" Echo True ' this did the trick Exit Function. Hi all, I am really stuck as to why this is happening. I have the following code, whereby a button opens a form on a certain record depending upon the part number field selected on the current form. The code used for this. Trying to piece together an old database written by a previous employee, but when running the Macro in excel to link back to the access database I get the runtime error 2501, the code is given below does anyone have any. Error 2501 OpenForm action cancelled · Ask Question. In trying to get that " Add Submeasure" button to work though I keep getting the error mentioned in the title.

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    Runtime action close

    Since A) the forms are. Close acForm, Me. Suppress a openform action has been cancelled dialog message - not on error. This all works fine, but what also happens is there is a 2501 dialog message " An openform action has been cancelled" that also pops up as a. Close design view. I had exactly the same error when I wanted to open a form containing a sub form whose data was located in another. The problem arises when you go to open a report and click the cancel button on the criteria question. I get a " Run Time Error 2501", " The Open Report Action was canceled". Close; stDocName = " design type" ; ntime error 2501 outputto action was cancelled with access vb macro Modules & VBA. ' Close report DoCmd. Close acReport, " JUSTIN_ District_ Report_ Template for" rsDistricts.